Leo Turley

Co-Founder and Partner
26 years with Huntington Partners

“If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got” and “The only thing constant in life is change” are two of Leo’s favorite sayings.

Leo knows that change is a fact of life, and he loves to shake things up, professionally and personally, just to keep life interesting.

In executive search, he likes to take on tough, new search assignments that stretch his comfort zone and make him think about new search strategies. He loves ‘the thrill of the hunt’ (he must, he has spent 34 years in search) and the thinking that goes into locating and approaching top talent.

Executive recruiting in the real estate industry has all of the diversity and challenge that anyone could want in a career. Leo’s search activity has included assignments in almost every state of the country plus Canada and Kuwait. He has placed professionals from the CEO level to individuals not far into their career. They are all the same to him. All offer their own set of challenges, and not one is ever boring.

Best known as the ‘Go-to guy’ in the office, Leo is the one who educates younger staff members on what a certain real estate position actually does or what a real estate term really means. He is also the guy that still wears a button down shirt on business casual Fridays.
Leo’s role, as Partner, in Huntington Partners focuses on account development (securing the searches), aiding Recruiters in the identification and placement of top talent, and administration of the corporate and finance functions of the company.

704.769.5200 Ext. 102