Lisa Knupp

Senior Managing Director
23 years with Huntington Partners

When you first meet Lisa, you may get the impression that she is quiet or reserved.  She isn’t.  She is listening, and she is listening very hard.  Lisa’s approach to the business is to first listen and, like a sponge, absorb all of the information about a client company and their staffing needs.  She is very good at gathering information, asking probing questions and developing a keen sense of the type of candidate that the company is seeking.  She also digs into tangible and intangible qualities, you know – cultural fit, personality, etc.  Lisa will figure out what separates a “qualified” candidate from a “superstar” – and then she hunts them down!  You would be hard pressed to find a recruiter who works as hard or cares as much about providing a quality service.

At home, Lisa is the same way – striving for excellence as a wife and mother of three.  Lisa, her husband and children reside on 100 acres in the Laurel Highlands of western PA, land that was originally part of the family farm.   She has an extensive collection of cookbooks and recipes stored on her iPad.  She is on a never ending quest to find the best “healthy” recipes for her and her family.  When she is not in the kitchen or involved with her children, you will find her at the gym through the week.  In the summer on sunny Sunday afternoons, you will likely find the family on their pontoon boat, relaxing at the lake.

Since joining Huntington Partners in 1994, Lisa has recruited and placed some of the best candidates on some of the most difficult searches.  She doesn’t give up; it’s not an option for her.  She is her toughest critic and a true perfectionist at heart.  Lisa is very good at finding that proverbial “needle in the haystack.”

Lisa’s clients include well respected firms throughout the country.  Her areas of expertise include several asset classes – multifamily, retail, office, self-storage and military housing.  She enjoys diving into the details and providing critical information to clients and candidates.  She is also quick to uncover red flags, saving a client’s precious time.  Her experience and skills have proven invaluable to clients and many firms have come to rely on her to fill multiple roles.
724.864.1600 Ext. 104