Exclusive Search – Do I have to work with Huntington Partners exclusively? What if I identify a candidate on my own?

No, you are not obligated to work with Huntington Partners exclusively. You may wish to continue your efforts of identifying candidates on your own. Those that you do identify on your own can be excluded from the search agreement.

We do recommend that you choose one search firm to work with. There are many reasons for this, but the most important is that it will eliminate any duplication of recruiting effort and hesitancy on the part of candidates in the marketplace. Engaging more than one search firm becomes self-defeating. Once a search firm contacts an individual who has already been contacted by another firm, that search firm loses focus and interest. It then becomes a race to deliver candidates to the client first and thorough recruiting techniques are abandoned. Also, candidates who are contacted by two or three search firms tend to question the company’s approach to filling the position. The promotional impact of the message being delivered is lessened, and they do not know which search firm will best serve them.

How long does it take Huntington Partners to identify and submit candidates?

Usually, seven to ten business days. After a thorough review of the resumes and candidates that we already know about, we begin the process that sets us apart – cold call recruiting. We penetrate companies and promote the opportunity. We contact those that may not be actively looking to make a change. In many cases, they are the best candidates. They are not forced to make a change and are the ones focused on doing a good job for their current employer. Information is gathered that enables us to match those candidates who are most qualified to specific client criteria. Qualified and interested candidates are then presented to the client.

Why Huntington Partners?

  • Timely
  • Cost effective
  • National experience
  • Time tested process produces results

This question can best be answered by our clients. We specialize in our client areas of business. We don’t need to be educated on what takes place in the real estate industry. Clients need only to communicate to us their needs and how the position or positions fit into their organization. They have experienced first hand, our ability to uncover qualified and interested candidates quickly, thoroughly screen those individuals and work with the candidates and clients throughout the entire process. Our knowledge of the real estate industry, dedication and professionalism sets us apart from our competition.

Please view our testimonials. Our clients say it best.

How does Huntington Partners, a Pennsylvania based search firm, effectively work in different markets?

We believe that executive recruiting is a “Contact Sport.” Whether it is a market that we have worked in before or a brand new market, we know how to identify the players. We begin with our contact base (23 years of recruiting experience in almost every city in the country). Add to that resource material that identifies the players of every real estate product and discipline in every city, state and region. Our recruiting campaign consists of a diligently executed plan of networking and cold calling via the telephone. We speak directly with qualified candidates within comparably sized, competing firms in the area where our client (Employer) is located. We simply have no geographic boundaries or limitations. Our recruiting process works in every market.

Salary – Can Huntington Partners help me with structuring a competitive salary?

Yes, every search is a mini-salary survey. Compensation information is gathered from every candidate that we speak to. That information helps to determine the true salary range for the given position. The salary range is communicated to the client in an effort to help attract and close the best available talent.

Does Huntington Partners verify education and check professional references?

Yes, we verify education, typically college and university undergraduate and graduate degrees. We also check professional references, current and past supervisors. Peer and subordinate references can also be checked.