Interviewing Tips

1. Call meeting of decision makers together.
2. Prepare a detailed job description.
3. Decide on necessary prerequisites for open position.
4. Plan interviewing process.
5. Prepare specific questions.
6. Schedule interviews with candidates.


  • Introduce company – its history, present activities and future.
  • Describe the position in detail and its relationship to the organization chart.
  • Discuss position potential.
  • Explain why the position is open.
  • Ask candidate specific questions; get specific answers.
  • Inquire about candidate’s recent accomplishments, achievements and problem solving skills.
  • Understand candidate’s career progression and reasons for change.
  • Outline interviewing process.
  • Offer company brochure and collateral materials.
  • Show enthusiasm and interest.
  • Close the interview and describe time table/next step.