Our Philosophy

Recruiting is a “Contact Sport.” Direct recruiting and cold call canvassing is, in our opinion, the best way to reach the productive, employed and qualified candidates.

Good candidates are typically not looking at classified ads or blindly posting resumes to Internet based recruiting sites.

When it comes to candidate recruitment, “Knowledge is Power.” We believe in thoroughly interviewing potential candidates to uncover red-flags or objections early in the recruiting process to ensure candidate acceptance at the point of offer.

We understand the Real Estate and Construction industries and feel that our methods, resourcefulness and persistence provide the basis for us to be successful for our clients.

What we do:

Our knowledge of the industry and its people, coupled with an extensive library of files, research material and contacts enable us to quickly identify the most viable candidates in a given market.

Once having reached them, we know how to best present and promote the client’s opportunity.

We walk clients and candidates through the recruiting and placement process, following carefully planned and proven methods. We stay involved even after a candidate has been hired, to ensure a smooth transition for both parties.

The result:

A professional, cost effective and timely search for our clients.